March Recommendations

For the month of March, Emma recommends the following four titles:

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

Emma says: The first novel by the crazed mind that belongs to Chuck Palahniuk. He may be crazed, but he is brilliant. He redefines modern fiction and has created a genre all its own. Fight Club went on to be a hit classic film directed by David Fincher. Devilish fun!

Did you know? Like with any book-to-film adaptation, the movie has quite a few differences from the book. You can find a list of all the differences between the two at the blog The Book Was Better. Even the author of this blog admits that the movie and the book are both pretty darn good. Have you read both? Which did you enjoy more? Also, Palahniuk has a website chock full ‘o content about himself, his fourteen novels, and other works. You can even find out how to pronounce his name on his FAQ page.

Dry – Augusten Burroughs

Emma says: I have been on many journeys with Augusten Burroughs. Some dark, some scary, all of them funny. Dry is an inspiration. A true and vivid account of drug addiction and recovery — with a heavy dose of heart and hilarity. A five-star knock-out!

Did you know? Burroughs has a few television and film adaptations in the works. He is writing screenplays for a television adaptation of Dry for Showtime, and he is working on an original television production for CBS: the new show The Nature of Fire, about a troupe of firemen. Bryans Fuller (producer, Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies) and Singer (producer, The Usual Suspects and X-Men) are adapting Burroughs first novel, Sellevision, for NBC. (source)

At Home – Bill Bryson

Emma says: Bill & I have hiked the Appalachian Trail, been to Europe twice, and driven cross-country in an ’81 red Chevette. This time, we’re just staying home. Bryson is so curious — like a child — about every minutiae of life. He induces deep thoughts and belly laughs.

Did you know? Bryson’s traveling companion from A Walk in the Woods, Stephen Katz, has quite a fan following. He even has a Facebook fan club! But Stephen Katz is a pseudonym! Katz is actually Matthew Angerer, who still lives in Des Moines, Bryson’s hometown.

Selected Stories by Andre Dubus

Emma says: Dubus is a master of the short story form. His characters jump from the page — sometimes to the big screen as with the story “Killings,” which became the critically acclaimed feature film In the Bedroom. “A Father’s Story” is my personal favorite in this collection.

Did you know? Dubus’s son, Andre Dubus III, wrote The House of Sand and Fog, which was nominated for the National Book Award and adapted into an Academy award-nominated film starring Jennifer Connelly and Sir Ben Kingsley. Dubus III grew up in the Merrimack Valley. His new memoir, Townie, chronicles his youth there.

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